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Infant sleep:

C QA sleep is very important, it is crucial to the development of physical and brain of children. Thus to make the baby get a good night's sleep, the mother must need a lot of supplies to support your baby's sleep especially infants. Besides not only ensure that your baby sleep safety during sleep is also very important for your baby. Because the baby while sleeping babies can be thrashed much that children can encounter dangerous situations such as falls from the bed to the ground, or for any reason that makes the baby suffocated while sleeping in Meanwhile parents are not always on the side of the baby also be.

So to the parents peace of mind, no worries sleep, as well as safety for the baby should mebau.vn always provide, equip mother baby utensils, tools support your baby's sleep as: 

 bé ngủ

- cots cribs

- gas blanket, pillow

Versatile electric boiler

- crib accessories

- crib

- bed rails

- toys hanging cradle

- pillow fight choking infant

- infant play mats

Each type of our products come in many sizes, different colors is very convenient and easy for the mother choose to fit each child's age

All our publications are imported from famous brands such as brand Aprica, Zaracos, Brevi, graco, kuku ....

mebau.vn always diiem to, choose safe location, prestige, and quality.


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